Jays Layoff Employees

Layoffs are not funny. Pure and simple, layoffs suck. Quotes about layoffs?????

“A team employee familiar with the cuts said the number of jobs to be eliminated was “probably in the 30s.” The employee spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss the layoffs.”

I didn’t make that up. It kind of begs the question, if “he” was not authorized to discuss the layoffs, why was he, ummmmmm, discussing the layoffs?????

In all seriousness, here is hoping that those effected are okay and able to find work soon. Curious though if they are cutting 30 sales folks, who exactly is going to sell tickets next year when the payroll is down, or is that an admission on the part of Mr. Beeston that no one is going to be coming….

here is the rest of the story

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