More on Maurice…..

Clearly Jimmy Rutherford has Toronto on the mind. I mean cliff came back, Cito came back, Beeston came back, Sundin came — oh wait, that hasn’t happened yet. So Jimmy R, who turned the buds down a year ago figured why not bring Paul Maurice back. This move is quite a surprise as where the returns of Fletcher, Cito and Beeston.

The similarities in all extend to one other part, they all may be temporary in duration. Buried in the news about bring Paul back was this gem:

“Rutherford said he would re-evaluate the coaching situation after the season, and that the Maple Leafs are paying Maurice’s salary this year as part of his severance.”

So Maurice has a 1 year deal? He is interim coach? This sounds like semantics to me. I am curious to know that if Maurice’s severance package from the Leafs had a head coaching claw back. That is, would he lose part of that money were he named head coach on a permanent basis during the severance period. Clearly Rutherford is saving money by bringing back Maurice, he says so in the quote above. I can tell you one thing, if Maurice took less money because he is being paid by the Leafs, he will have a difficult time making that gap up in a new contract. If the Canes are paying him 500k (a number I totally made up) and the market for him is 1.5m, do you think they will give him a huge raise for next year because his severance is up???? No way….

In any event, I find it odd that he would come back just for the rest of the season. Perhaps he realizes how difficult it may be for him to get another job.

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