Off Night For All-5-2 sharks

Man, did Luke Schenn nail a guy on the sharks. I will try and get a video tomorrow am. It was a clean hit, but with about 12 seconds to go in a 5-2 game it was a little unnecessary and caused a small melee at the end of the game.

Anyways, this wasn’t a great game for TML. It was over about 3 minutes in. Wilson left Toskala in net as things settled down quite a bit after the 1st. Schenn, Grabovsky and Hagman were all each amazingly plus 2’s. Antropov, Kubina, Ponikarovsky and Stajan all finished at -3. Ian White led all Leaf players with double Todd Gill in ice time (23:23).

This wasn’t a good night for the Leafs. I have to think (and this is no excuse) they were a tad off from the travels and back to back nights. Kypreos was bang on in his assessment, the Leafs saw what they aspire to be. The sharks are a great team to watch. They are tough, they are strong and they are fast. Is there a better team guy then Joe Thornton??? What an impressive performance.

Ok- this idiot is tired…

Type at you tomorrow (or later today)

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December 3, 2008 3:53 pm

They were impressive as hell to watch I can tell you that.

December 3, 2008 3:36 pm

Honestly, the Sharks have to be the team to beat this year…I don’t care about past playoff history. This team just rolls on all 4 cylinders all the time and can destroy you in seconds (as we saw last night). Big, fast, skilled, tough, smart and with just the right mix of young stud talent and old school veteran winners.

My money is on the Sharks taking the cup this year, hands down. I don’t think it really matters who comes out on top in the East because none of them can match up IMO.

I gotta believe Burke is going to be looking to the Western Conference to acquire players where it makes sense and is possible.

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