Off Night For All-5-2 sharks

Man, did Luke Schenn nail a guy on the sharks. I will try and get a video tomorrow am. It was a clean hit, but with about 12 seconds to go in a 5-2 game it was a little unnecessary and caused a small melee at the end of the game.

Anyways, this wasn’t a great game for TML. It was over about 3 minutes in. Wilson left Toskala in net as things settled down quite a bit after the 1st. Schenn, Grabovsky and Hagman were all each amazingly plus 2’s. Antropov, Kubina, Ponikarovsky and Stajan all finished at -3. Ian White led all Leaf players with double Todd Gill in ice time (23:23).

This wasn’t a good night for the Leafs. I have to think (and this is no excuse) they were a tad off from the travels and back to back nights. Kypreos was bang on in his assessment, the Leafs saw what they aspire to be. The sharks are a great team to watch. They are tough, they are strong and they are fast. Is there a better team guy then Joe Thornton??? What an impressive performance.

Ok- this idiot is tired…

Type at you tomorrow (or later today)

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