Kaberle In Chateaux Bow Wow

I didn’t see much of this one. I missed the first and most of the second. Unfortunately, I did see the 3rd. One word ouch! Not sure if you caught it, but I can bet you will be hearing lots of it tomorrow, but man did Ron Wilson rip Thomas Kaberle after the game. Kaberle sat the entire first period tonight. Yes you read the right. Despite being dressed, Thomas Kaberle rode the pine for the ENTIRE first period. TK’s first shift of the game was the first of the second period and he got beat. The third period was brutal. To say Ron Wilson was pissed would be putting it mildly.

The LeafsTv announcer asked Wilson afte the game if “he was sending Thomas a message by sitting him in the first?” Wilson replied “ah, yeah and he replied by going -4.” Ummm, me thinks that TK may be willing to waive that NTC any minute now. In fairness to the guy, it is a pretty unorthodox benching. Usually you bench a guy later in a game. Had he had a bad first I could see him sitting the second. To leave the guy on the bench the entire first is flat out embarrassing and I am not surprised he struggled the rest of the way. However, TK is a pro and he has to be able to respond better then he did.

The line of the night goes to LT who quipped “It’s time to reunite Kaberle with McCabe.” LT wondered if we could get Jay Bouwmeester for Kaberle? The short answer is no, but I have to wonder if senior Burke has seen enough of TK to start asking around. A couple of things to remember about Kaberle is he is young and affordable. Those are 2 very attractive features in a puck moving defenceman. To say that his confidence is shot is probably putting it mildly. While I thought Blake would be the first to go, I am starting to think TK could take the lead….

As for the rest of the players, Jeff Finger led all leafs in ice time with an ode to Todd Gill and Mike Palmateer(23:29). He was followed by Luke Schenn who went Todd Gill and John Anderson (23:10). Dominic Moore and Alexei Ponikarovsky lead the Leafs in the plus/minus category each being +1. Kaberle led the way in the negative department (-3) sorry coach…

Well, the buds return home from the road trip licking their chops a little bit after being lit up by both the sharks and the coyotes. Saturday night they are home to gulp, the Washington Capitals and Don Cherry’s favorite player Alexander Ovechkin. Should be a good game.

Shame to see Paul Maurice loose his first game back behind the bench as the Pens beat the Canes 5-2, just like old times eh Moe…..

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