NHLPA Slithers To Avery’s Defense

As I have written in this space before (with all due respect to Happy Howie) the NHLPA intends to enter battle with the NHL over the suspension of one Sean Avery. You see, neither Paul Kelly nor Glenn Healy have learned a single thing from the mistakes of yesteryear. The public will NEVER, I repeat NEVER support the players when they continue to act like a UNION. There are times, when people screw up, make mistakes that you don’t have to worry about precedent and you have tell a person to take their lumps. The PA refuses to do it. Maybe, and this is ok, they just don’t care about public sentiment. I have no problem with that, it is entirely their prerogative. But don’t come out and claim unfair coverage or ask for equal coverage when you don’t really care about the court of public opinion.

“TORONTO (December 5, 2008): NHLPA Executive Director Paul Kelly’s statement regarding the suspension of Sean Avery for six regular season games:

“While the NHLPA does not condone Sean’s comments, which were clearly inappropriate, the discipline imposed by the Commissioner is unprecedented both in its severity, as well as the process by which it was handed down. We have also seen signals from the Dallas Stars that Sean’s contractual rights might be challenged. We are monitoring the situation as it develops, and we will evaluate all legal options as the circumstances warrant. In the meantime, our first priority is supporting Sean’s efforts to learn from his mistake and move forward in a positive manner.”

What always is lost in these situations is the victim. Here the victim is Dion Phaneuf right? Just as in all other issues like this the PA comes running to the defense of the offender to the chagrin of the victim. That is what unions do right. Funny how when the media (berger) were rambling about the awful things Cliff was going to do to Mccabe Healy came a running to McCabe’s defence even before there was an action. When Tampa threatened Dan Boyle there was no such defence from either Mr. Kelly nor his kilt wearing pal (at least not publicly). When all eyes are on the NHL for all the wrong reasons (averygate) the PA comes a running. Nice of the PA to mention Dion Phaneuf in that press release wasn’t it? I mean that shouldn’t be their first priority; it never is. Always concerned with “prisoners” rights ahead of victims. It’s the PA way….

By the way I am officially sick of the Sean Avery affair. Here’s hoping the stars waive him and send him to the minors. They still have to pay him and then there is no beef. Except, according to Howie, no free agent will EVER want to sign again in Dallas if that is how they do business, right???!!

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