Canucks Believe Sundin Decision is "Imminent"

Vancouver Canucks’ GM Mike Gillis told a Vancouver sports radio station that he believes “Gillis told the TEAM 1040 in Vancouver that he is meeting with Sundin and his agent J.P. Barry over the next couple of days to make a final push for the Swede’s services.

Gillis believes that Sundin will make a final decision within the next 10 days and remains confident that the Canucks are still in the running.

“Everything from our perspective has been positive with him from day one,” Gillis told the TEAM. “He explained in detail how he felt about the situation he was in and I completely appreciate it. I’ve represented players who have been in similar situations and I understand and appreciate it. From where our team is today, I think he’d be the perfect fit for our group. He brings something to the table that would enhance our offense and enhance the leadership stuff that we are so focused on. Yeah, we’re hoping that he’ll come our way.”

Here’s hoping he decides soon, and I for one would be thrilled to see him play in Vancouver. If the rumblings are true that Chicago is the other option, well, that would be fantastic too.

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