Avery to his Mother: "Heads Up"

Amazingly personal interview. It is hard not to feel badly for Sean Avery’s parents after listening to the interview. Here is a synopsis and I will post a link when it is available. Watch TSN for details tonight too.

“We don’t agree with what he said, he was out of line and I am amazed at the backlash that has been caused. It hasn’t ended. It hasn’t slowed down, and that is why I agreed to call.”

You can tell he was very effected by this. He sounds like a great guy and a teacher too.

“Sean’s mom and i talked to him about the money and what was coming to him when he signed with Dallas. It was a big deal and 16m is a lot of money even though we aren’t his agents, there were a ton of of conversations about the addedd pressure of the contract even though we aren’t his agents or coaches. His agents talked to him too.”

“Sean has been very frustrated. He Keeps to himself before games, put his headphones on before the game, and was painted as not being a team player for it. This has been hard and confusing to him. When this happened he was very frustrated. Sean is more respectful to his mom, she is the only one he listens to. I (his dad) talk to him about hockey, tried to talk to him about what he does off the ice. I don’t condone it, neither his mom neither of us I taught him that. He was frustrated beyond belief. ”

His father talked about learning about the incident. He got home early from work as a teacher and listened into hockey talk and heard all this stuff about Avery being suspended, he didn’t know what had happened. Sean Avery emailed his mom saying “heads up”.

“Both girls came to our house and became quite attached to us, and us to them. They are both lovely girls.”

Great interview I suggest listening in.

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