…. Buffalo Sabres Deny Kelly’s Story

Anyone surprised by this?

“Absolutely not,” Quinn told TSN on Monday. “We’re not selling the team, we’re not moving the team to Hamilton, there is absolutely nothing going on.”

as for Mr. Balsillie :

“Balsillie also reportedly approached Golisano about a potential sale of the Sabres last December, only to be turned down. “From time to time reports surface quoting anonymous sources claiming a club is for sale, or that Jim is doing this or that with respect to a particular club,” Balsillie’s lawyer Richard Rodier told TSN on Monday. “These reports have generally been inaccurate. More importantly, these reports unfairly put the incumbent owners (or club management) in the uncomfortable and potentially destabilizing situation of having to comment on these inaccurate reports. Very unfairly. As such we have no comment beyond referring you to the statement made by Larry Quinn, the Managing Partner of the Sabres.”

Not that they wouldn’t consider selling though, right Mr. Quinn:

“Quinn added that while the owenership group will always keep an open ear to offers, they are not looking for suitors right now. “We listen to everything,” he told TSN. “However, the reality is we’re happy and we’re definitely not shopping for a buyer.”

Will be interesting to see how this plays out on PTS tonight. You can read more on TSN if you like…

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