Sabres in play?

I have lots to say on Simmons moronic column today, but before that, Jim Kelly apparently has a report in a western new york magazine that the Buffalo Sabres are actively for sale.

Now before we discount the story due to the source, I can tell you that I was told the same thing by a writer last week and dismissed it.

Of course tongues are already wagging the Mr. Blackberry is naturally a suitor for this team. All I can say is, the deeper the economy slips and the faster things go south the harder it will be for The Count to ignore Balsillie. If the values of teams start heading south again, then lookout. The lockout was about that one thing more then others so if the Sabres can’t get top dollar, ie north of 200 million then an offer from Mr. Blackberry for considerably more will be a much harder option for Bettman reject this time.

Take this to the bank, McCowan if he has healthy enough to go will be talking about this tonight.

From my bb, spelling checked later

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