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So I spent some time very early this am writing a blog post in response to Steve Simmon’s gibberish in today’s Sun. I was not entirely surprised to not get a ton of activity on the post, as for the most part if it isn’t leafs or hockey, well, that’s just the way it is. I was pleased and confused to see the following comment posted in response to my post:

“Dear NFL people, please leave the Bills in Buffalo and as far away from Toronto as possible!”

This was signed Barbie.

My first reaction was that this had to be from someone in Buffalo. I wrote the reply below to the aforementioned Barbie from Buffalo. Only one problem, Barbie from Buffalo isn’t from Buffalo, it’s Barbie from Canada. A quick look at her blog tells us or at least me, that she is an avid football fan. I am more surprised at her comments given her strong affinity for the game. In any event, I thank you for writing Barbie, and for those of you who may care, here is my response to Barbie who should be from Buffalo 🙂 :


Hey Barbie:

Thanks for your note. 2 things I think you need to know. First, whom, are these NFL people you are writing to? I can tell you, without question that I am not them. I am surprised that you are addressing this issue to the NFL people though. Whom do you think took this game to Toronto? It wasn’t the city of Toronto or the NFL, it was the owner of the Buffalo Bills and their owner (or at least his wallet.)

Secondly, and perhaps most importantly let’s make something clear. From a fan standpoint, very few out there would be happier if the NFL were to come to Toronto then I would be. Having said that, I don’t really want a team from another city. While I realize that we may be forced to take a pre-existing franchise, I, like many others would much prefer an expansion franchise as opposed to a franchise that is currently playing in another city.

So, if by NFL people you mean us here to the North, you are picking the wrong enemy. We want a team, not your team. If you want your team to stay as your team, keep buying as much Bills gear as you can and as many tickets as you can.

I would be remiss to say that given your Bills play of late, including their performance yesterday….Please keep your Bills as far away from Toronto as possible…we have enough with losing franchises thank you!

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