Blackhawks Reporter Blasts Sundin- TSM Sending Eye A Defibrillator


Me thinks the Big One is coming at chateau Eye. Elizabeth is ready, cause he is a coming!

Steve Rosenbloom, a pretty well respected writer who covers the Chicago Blackhawks for the Chicago Tribune (are they the one that just went bankrupt) wrote on his blog today that the Blackhawks needs don’t need a player like Mats Sundin:

“Sundin has never been on a champion. He chose not to try last season. How can you not question his heart or spine at this point? I’m not sure I’d want Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews exposed to a whiff of that mentality. Right now, this Hawks team has shown wonderful character and focus. This Hawks team also is playing perhaps the most exciting brand of hockey in the league. This Hawks team is not ready to beat Detroit in the playoffs, either. So that’s the problem. I don’t think Sundin is the solution.”

Eye??? LT??? You both alive??? You doing okay?

This is the type of stuff that drives fans of any player nuts. Sends people off the deep end. If my memory is correct Sundin is actually a champion, just not an NHL champion. Semantics aside, I do in fact wonder how many others feel that way about the Big Swede.

In fairness Rosenbloom does give Sundin some props:

“Sundin scored 32 goals for a bad Toronto team last season. Working backward in the five seasons before 2007-08, the former Maple Leafs captain pounded the net for 27, 31, 31, 37 and 41 goals. Good numbers.”

Good numbers? Man look at his lack of supporting cast! If Dan Marino had Jerry Rice, If Jim Kelly had Hank Illisac (sorry had to get Hank in 2x in 1 day). Sundin was a constant performer for a pretty bad team.

“But I’m not sure I trust the guy, and here’s why: The Hawks have had bad luck with aging veterans expected to provide points and leadership (Doug Gilmour and Paul Coffey are the leading disasters) and Sundin chose to stick with a miserable team last season because he was comfy instead of picking a contender to be traded to for a run at the Stanley Cup.”

Wow, a shot at little TSM’s coach. Can’t wait to ask him about that on Saturday morning. The last part of that post is the one that is going to sting a little. You all know how I feel about Sundin’s actions and motivations last trade deadline. While we may not have liked them, the reality is if nothing else he earned that right. Those pro Sundin and those anti all agree that if nothing else, he earned his NTC and therefore he had the right for whatever reason of his choosing to act accordingly.

Personally, my hope is that he goes to Chicago. I would love to see him with a team so full of speed. I hope he doesn’t go to Vancouver because no matter what anyone says to the contrary the argument will be there that he went to where the money is. Even if that isn’t accurate the perception will be there and those who sling the arrows towards our former captain will sling them on that point because they offered him 10m a year.

All in all, with everyone thinking we are four days from a soft deadline being met (hands up who thinks there should be a soft deadline for paying taxes). Interesting to see how a team that wants to sign him and needs to get under the cap to do so, is able to move players when the trade freeze is in effect, but that is an issue for smarter guys to answer then me.

Eye, LT, we, the Leafs Nation are for you today…be well and breathe. It is gonna be okay.

The article can be found here and sorry the video was a little cheesy but you got the point

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