Cox On Clemmensen A Joke

I started to write a post about just how stupid his article is today, and then realized it wasn’t worth the effort. Calling the Buds our for not keeping Clemmensen now that he is doing well in New Jersey is actually dumber then the leafs not keeping him. Where were the battle cries when he was let go? Good on Clemmensen for making the most out of his opportunity. The argument about NJ giving up more shots then the Leafs is as valid as saying Jason Blake is a sniper because he gets a lot of shots on net. Show me goals against, rebounds knocked away by defencemen etc or stats like that then we can talk. New Jersey has a very good defensive system. The Leafs? Not so much…

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December 11, 2008 8:00 pm

Exactly TSM, where the Hell were guys like Cox et al crying when (enter name of multiple players here) that have since performed better after being let go/traded/waived from the Leafs. Seems to be he never had much to say about any concerns of having Toskala #1 with Cujo backing him up and was more than happy to see Raycroft go. I’m quite sure the argument from Cox would be the exact same for ol’ Razor had he have bounced back this year, but guess what, that never happened so I guess the Leafs made the right move?

Didn’t Burke just say you have to take chances all the time and hope they work out more often than not? This includes letting people go that must go as much as bringing the right players on board.

Or better yet, why not look outside of our own yard and realize this happens to every friggin’ team in every sport all the time.

Gee, suprised again though he failed to mention about how Montreal must be feeling about the coup’ that Fletcher pulled by bringing over Grabovski which I would argue at this point is looking like the steal of year for the Buds.

December 11, 2008 8:01 pm

It’s as silly as giving the Canucks credit for reviving Wellwood’s career after they too had cut him

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