Dreger Goes Overboard with Melrose Story

Don’t shoot the messenger right? Sometimes, though the messenger needs to think about the message he delivers before delivering it.

I was intrigued to see that the Bolts are contemplating legal action against Melrose as Dreger is reporting this evening. I was thinking about whether they could avoid paying him something owed to The Mulett by his disparaging the team this past week. Usually when an employee is terminated as The Mullet was, and they want to keep getting paid, there is an anti-disparagement provision. They are usually pretty hard to enforce as how do you prove what an employee says about the employer in private. You see, the terminated worker isn’t usually dumb enough to go on the radio and bash the crap out of the employer as the Mullet did on both the Fan590 and Xm radio.

Dreger, however claims that the Bolts aren’t contemplating the legal action for that. No they are contemplating legal action on the basis of the Mullet bashing Steven Stamkos and the effect it may have on their ability to market the phenom.

“The dispute remains in the discussion stage and the team has not filed for breach of contract with the National Hockey League.”

It will remain in the discussion stage too. This is beyond stupid. In order to actually win this case, you see, the Bolts would have to successfully convince a jury or a judge that they have been damaged. That is going to be nearly impossible to do. First, they entire management team and the other coaches have all come to the rescue of Stamkos and the team doing little more then bad mouthing the Mullet, also discrediting him. They are then going to have to show actual damages. That would be showing a potential client or an existing client who either reduced or refused to go through with a marketing spend based solely on The Mullet’s statement. Good luck with that. I mean, the fact that the economy is completely in the crapper would have nothing to do with a decrease in revenue to the Bolts marketing department. Then there is the fact that coaches still employed with teams say things not too dissimilar about guys on their team all the time and they are fired for breach of contract. A couple of coaches benched certain Bolt players over the years doing much more detrimental harm to the ability to sell tickets or dasher boards then this did. The slippery slope this would create would be un friggin believable. Lastly on this, if The Mullet is the moron that they have been painting him to be, why would his opinion (and that what this is folks opinion not fact, unless of course the Bolts want to argue that it is fact 🙂 ) cause any harm to them in a marketing fashion?????

It’s funny how the story being leaked wasn’t for defamation or slander. I mean the Mullet had some pretty pointed words about the actual owners themselves. The only reason I can think this to be the case is that the ultimate defense to those actions is the truth. That is the Bolts owners wouldn’t be able to make the case if the Mullet could prove the statements to be true. Hmmmmmmm, one wonders eh?

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