NHL Talks To A TSM Favorite

Michael DiLorenzo is the NHL’s director of corporate communicatiions. He asked those following him on Twitter to suggest interview topics for the upcoming winter classic between the Blackhawks and Red Wings. TSM, never shy to respond, suggested that Dilorenzo check in with the Blackhawks assistant GM Rick Dudley. Duds is a great guy, and fantastic interview. Very few know the game better then he does and can articulate it as well. Not only that, Dudley is, in the minds of many in the game one of the best judges of talent around.

Dudley was as tough as they came back in his playing days and he also could put the puck in the net. One year he had over 30 goals. He is famous for 2 things, really. One, wearing a headband while playing and 2 going a tad bit nuts behind the bench as a coach. TSM suggested that DiLorenzo ask Dudley 2 questions, one, what’s the deal with the headband, and second, who was the best player he ever scouted.

Dudle wiht Headband
Dudley with Headband

Here is a brief snippet of the responses:

on the headband:
” I always had sweat in my hair, so I put on a headband. In those days in Buffalo, we drew 3-4k fans for practice. It was standing room only in a small practice rink. After a couple of practices, people started bringing headbands to the rink. People wanted me to try it again. It gave me more noteriety than playing with guys like Gil Perreault and the rest of the boys. All of a sudden I was recognizable.”

The best player he ever scouted

“Alex Ovechkin. I remember watching Ovechkin and saying “Oh My God.”

You can read the rest of the excellent interview and follow the road to the Winter Classic here

Here is a great interview with Dudley when he was coach of the sabres…

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