Mats Sundin Drama Right On Track

So J.P. Barry has told the world exactly what he wants them to hear:

“Sundin’s agent yesterday denied a report on Toronto radio station Fan 590 that the former Toronto Maple Leafs captain has selected the Rangers and an announcement is expected by the end of the week. J.P. Barry, who is scheduled to meet with Canucks general manager Mike Gillis in Vancouver today, said he was still waiting to hear back from the Rangers and no formal offer had been made. “We haven’t received all the information we need from New York,” Barry said. “I should know everything I need to know by [today].”

Let the real auction begin. While the announced candidates may be down to 2, that doesn’t mean for one second that only 2 are really in the running. Why you ask. Simple. Once the market has been set you can bet that teams that may have disqualified themselves will very likely re-engage. J.B Barry knows it and is banking on it too. While money may not be Sundin’s main motivator Mr. Barry’s job is to get his client the absolute most he can.

“Meanwhile, Sundin is scheduled to return home to Sweden in the next couple of days to tend to some personal business before returning to North America shortly after Christmas to join his new NHL team. In between, the 37-year-old will have time to mull the wildly divergent financial packages sitting before him.”

Does wildly divergent sound like “2” offers? Of course not. Sundin is leaving town so Barry can do what agents do. If Sundin is going to a team that doesn’t have cap space to provide “wildly divergent financial packages” and he wants to play soon, he has 4 days to decide before the holiday roster freeze kicks in. Not much time to decide. For those teams, not much time to throw bodies overboard. As a few experts have suggested, Sundin doesn’t want to be the one to be the cause of those bodies going overboard. The man who said you have to be part of the journey from beginning to end doesn’t want to be the guy to split a team. I don’t believe he does for one second. That is why he is going back to home to “tend to some business”. If he goes to Vancouver it is easy. If he goes to the Rangers it is going to get a little bit ugly first. Same with Philly, Chicago or anyone else.

For those who have hated every minute of this comedy, shake it off. The end is near. The drama is about to be higher then it ever has been. This actually should be fun.

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