Ego: The Reason Sean Avery Will Be Back

Go back over the last couple of years in the world of professional sports and ask yourselves this, how many “bad boys” have been written off only to return time and time again. How many time have we asked ourselves “How many strikes does _ get?” The reality is it usually is endless. There is one reason for this; EGO. Those who become coaches and general managers and even to a certain degree owners have EGO’s. In every sport there exists just enough EGO that says ” I am strong enough to control this guy, harness the talent and make him a player”.

In football think about Jimmy Johnson, Bill parcels. In baseball Tony Larussa come to mind. Hockey??? Glen Sather comes to mind, so does Mike Keenan. I think a part of me would suggest both Ron Wilson and Brian Burke. I just don’t see it now and with this team. So rest assured they were will be an appetite for Avery. The upside is just enough to wet the appetite. The EGO strong enough to think it can harness the character flaws.

Then there is the money issue. Most people have written that the Stars with Avery. Remember if they waive him now, after he clears waivers he become eligible for re-entry waivers. $3.875 a year through to the 2012-13 season becomes about 1.9 a year. Say what you want, there are a lot of folks running teams out there who think that if Avery gets help, is under their wings(EGO) he is a pretty good deal at 1.9 a year. For some reason I believe the 1.9 is too high but it’s late and I am sure someone out there smarter then me will have the right answer.

In any event, despite all the hoopla, Avery will be back. Bad boys with talent always get another shot. There are too many EGO’s out there who are sure they can fix contain him.

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