Maple Leaf Reporter On My Mind

So, there I was enjoying my day yesterday when I read a post on Pension Plan Puppets (who if absolutely nothing else get my vote for best blog name!) about a certain Maple Leaf Reporter which you can read here.  Forget for a minute the flawed logic of his analogies, I have to tell you that I feel really shitty about his admission and I have to get it off my mind.  Forget the tongue in cheek fire site for a second, I couldn’t believe the guy in question actually admitted to it.  Think about this for a second.  He is supposed to be THE Leafs guy, the man who knows more about the team then anyone and he doesn’t watch any non Leaf games on TV??????? How messed up is that????

This morning I caught him on the air with Hogan and Toth (I mean Roscoe).  Allow me to go off on a tangent just for a minute.  I don’t know how the discussion started, however I picked up in time to hear Toth admit to the following:

He has “never been to a real sporting event of any consequence” He once attended an NFL game way back in Seattle.  Never been to a Baseball game with more then 30k people….
He prefers to attend sporting events that aren’t full so he doesn’t have to fight traffic on the way home.
He claims to attend hockey games at University of Michigan  where they get 9-10k per game….
The only reason I mention the University of Michigan part is that their stadium only hosts 6600. The other 2 items are remarkable. I think we all should chip in and get Toth a trip to a meaningful event.

Sorry, anyway, after that great moment in Toronto Sports Radio History, Hogan and Toth brought this reporter on. You know what? He really doesn’t watch games. They asked him about New Jersey and his only point of reference was the last time he saw them play the leafs live! How is that possible? I don’t care how many phone calls he makes, how long his drives are or least of all what classical music he listens too. That is irrelevant. I would hope that whomever (and I don’t care who it is) who is talking to me the consumer has done SOME homework so they can sound remotely intelligently. The stories of about their new starting goalie are fantastically interesting but tell me how that team is going to do against the Leafs and why. They should have some idea from personal knowledge of how they play, who is hot or not. Spitting out their record doesn’t count. Even McCown who doesn’t do much homework at least professes to watch some games on the tube. At least show you care. How can you bash the team or praise them when your only interaction with the competition is at the rink when the Leafs are playing them???

I had to get this off my chest as it has been bothering me all day. By the way that analogy that he makes between Avery and Michael Vick is deplorable. It is that type of stuff that got him in hot water with Avery before. As a very wise twitter friend suggested, the right football player to compare Avery to would be Terrell Owens. Avery didn’t kill dogs or at least be incarcerated for being involved with the murder of dogs.

The kid on 640 Jonas Siegel is very young and wet behind the ears… You can tell by listening to him, but at least he doesn’t wear argyle sweaters…. My advice to the kid is, start watching lots of games. Start asking lots of questions to guys like wilbur, McKenzie etc and start to articulate your opinions. Who cares if they are wrong. If you are informed, show that you do your homework you will do okay.

Make sure you look out for LT on TV tonight, he is going to the game.

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The Meatriarchy
December 16, 2008 8:52 pm

I’m surprised that all three of them didn’t pull the old “I only go to minor-midget-atom-peewee-bantam games because THATS REAL HOCKEY”

God I hate when they pull out that chestnut which is part of a larger (not stated but often implied) thought process that if you only watch NHL games your not a real hockey fan.

Forget the fact the only persons who go to see 10 year olds play are parents; family members; Don Cherry; some scouts, and reporters who are relieved that they don’t have to file a story and if they do the players won’t be jerks.

Down Goes Brown
December 16, 2008 11:01 pm

To some extent I can understand where Berger is coming from. I don’t expect these guys to be immersed in hockey 24/7 — everyone needs a break. You’d think there’d be a middle ground, though.

Sadly, this isn’t rare. Didn’t Joe Buck admit last year that he doesn’t watch baseball when he’s not doing the game of the week? It’s pretty obvious Joe Morgan doesn’t really follow the sport either.

December 17, 2008 12:02 am


I completely agree with the 24/7 part. The part that bothers me is that his job is to evaluate and provide perspective on one team. You can’t do that if the only time you see another team is when the team you cover plays them. It’s just not possible.

Successful executives know exactly what the competition is up to. Hate him or hate him, you can bet that Richard Peddie looks at all the other arenas in sports to see what everyone else is up to.

This guy is called the Leafs insider. How can give a perspective about the other team if he never watches them?

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