Berger…I Couldn’t Resist


I stopped reading Berger’s blog for a while….I turned to it today to see what the boy was up to….His December 20 post is fantastic….click here.  I’ll only comment on the begining of it.  He sets up his opinion on Burke’s reasons for informing Kaberle and Kubina’s people that he will not ask that they wave their no trade clauses on a bogus set of options.

“Burke appears to be doing one of two things: Either tempering the expectation of fans and media [as Fletcher did with his ominous remarks about the club prior to the season] or letting everyone understand that he’s in no particular hurry to re-shape the Blue & White.”  Then, Mr. Smartypants suggests that it’s a sham and that Burke’s reluctant to hurt Kaberles feelings “is simply hot air.”

Does anyone think that Burke’s statement has anything to do with hurting Kaberle or Kubina’s feelings?  How about the two reasons for the statement….managing the fans and media’s expectations or that he is in no hurry to re-shape the Blue and White?  Come on Howie…your set up is bogus.  

It’s simple and I think that TSM or someone else may have commented on this already….If it is true that Burke contacted Kaberle and/or Kubina’s reps to let them know that he would not push them to waive their no trades he is simply:

a) Making sure that current and future Leafs know that they will  not be working for a management team that puts pressure on players to relinquish rights earned through contract negotiations – (and be vilified when they do not sucumb to pressure).

b) Not starting the process with these two players acrimoniously – at this stage in the season, there is no need to draw a line in the sand and create an environment where the other side will get their back up and fight as a natural instinct.

c) Maybe, just maybe trying not to look desparate to move these guys immediately to potential suitors.

In the end, others including myself simply believe that Burke is sitting back with the knowledge that his two blue line assests will likely want to be moved to a team of their choice before the trade deadline when they have a say versus the summer when Burke can move both to where ever he wants.

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