Nice Work TSM…Pogge v. Thrashers


Ya think TSM got out of town in the nick of time?  He escaped early on Friday and is missing wave two today….He left me the keys to the blog – unfortunately not the keys to his house/liquor cabinet or access to his snow blower.  TSM, if you are reading this today, don’t come home…it’s brutal!

Well…here we go.  Vesa has a sore groin and Pogge is on route for the Thrashers game.  I hope he does well…If he does, I wonder if that will put pressure on Cujo. 

I was at a party last night so I missed the game…a rarity for me.  I had a friend send me updates on my BB and I couldn’t believe it…I thought he was yanking my chain.  By all accounts the Leafs were worth every bit the 7-3 victory. I watched the highlights this morning and couldn’t believe the Malkin give-a-ways and one fantastic pad save by Toskala.  I especially liked the Hollweg to the press box line-up decision.

More on Berger’s post in an hour or so….

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