As Expected…Pogge Sent Down

No news here…

Leafs send Pogge back to Marlies.



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    Saw the return in person andPogge played well for the Marlies. Definitely the difference in the game with a heap of key stops… me thinks we’ll see him back with the big club b4 the season ends

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    I hope you are right…We need Toskala to put together a good run so that he’s worth something on the market….move him for a pick and let Pogge play out the balance of the season with Cujo as a vet influence.

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    Tosk needs to start only 75% of the games. he gets too tired otherwise. A backup like Pogge might be the answer for the other 25% of the games. Cujo isn’t cutting it so far but the BIG question is about Pogge. Is 25% of the games enough of a workload to keep him moving fwd?

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    My vote would be to see more of Pogge as well…but there are a couple of things that will get in the way….First, the Leafs will not want the bad press of pushing/forcing Cujo out…and at this point, crappy goaltending doesn’t matter. Second, although playing Schenn goes against the argument, the Leafs may not want to have Pogge wasting away on the bench or getting shell shocked late in the season after Burke makes his moves….The team in front of him may look more like an AHL team than an NHL squad. All that said, I’d love to see Pogge more…. 