Holiday Gifts For All In Toronto Sports

LT posted this while I was away. However I think in the spirit of the holiday’s it needs to be reposted.

Here are our gifts to all those in the Toronto Sports Scene:

Howard Berger:

* A Heathcliff Huxtable sweater collection
* Subscriptions to Leafs TV and Centre Ice packages (a nice stocking stuffer)

Damian Cox:

* A better headline writer…this was at the top of his list too I think

Jim Kelly:

* A contract from WGR 550 (Buffalo radio) so that we don’t have to listen to him any longer this side of the border

Plaxico Burress:

* A gun rack and shooting lessons

Ron MacLean:

* A new panel for HNIC Hot Stove…(can’t watch Millbury & Strachan any longer)


* 1 accurate prediction and where he didn’t take > 4 positions

For the Jays:

* Season ticket holders
* A new General Manager

The Leafs

* A Stanley Cup….oops, that should be for the 2011 list

The Argos:

* A new coach

The Vanier Cup:

* A venue

Bob McCowen:

* Better sources

Gord Kirke:

* Recruiting gig for the Blue Jays president vacancy

Cito Gaston

* A time machine set to 2010

Chris Bosh

* Charles Oakley

Bryan Colangelo

* Honeymoon extension

Jeff Blair

* Better material to write about

Curtis Joseph

* Career win 450

Brian Burke:

* Many, many top draft picks

Please feel free to add in your own.

On behalf of LT, we wish all of you and your families a happy and healthy holiday season and New Year.

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