Message Abound In Leaf Camp

So everywhere folks are looking for signs that the Leafs have a GM. Brian Burke seems to be as elusive as the current American Presidential tandem of George Bush and Dick Cheney. Seriously folks, is the Great Burke that hard to track down or are the Toronto Press lazier then I was on the cruise??

Whichever it is, perhaps we are today seeing the first moves of the Burke Era. Curtis Joseph has been told he will start not only tonight’s game but also the one after that. This leads to all kinds of conclusions:

1. This is Cujo’s last shot. He has, as have others stated that it is hard to get going as infrequently as he has been called upon. So this is the Leafs saying here’s the ball run with it. If he is no better after 2 then what is left to prove?
2. This is the beginning of a competition/end of Toskala era. What pres tel will happen when (or if) Cujo is stellar in both games? Seriously, what do the Leafs do if the guy stands on his head for the next 2 games. The Leafs win and he is star #1, are they going to yank him? What kind of message does that sound to the kids?

This looks like there be signs of life in the GM office after all. I don’t buy this is about “getting cujo an edge”. This is a test. If he fails he is done. if he passes, bye bye Vesa, call up the kid and let the kid and Cujo carry the torch the rest of the way.

Meanwhile, it would be refreshing as hell to see some real reporting in one of the Toronto dailies….

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December 30, 2008 2:47 pm

I like this move…if nothing else, maybe it gets Cujo #450 so that he can hang them up with that milestone in the bag….he doesn’t have 35 more in him to reach Belfour on the all time wins list.

December 30, 2008 2:59 pm

To me, this is simple. Out of respect the Leafs are giving him two more games to reach it 450. Once he gets it, I think he’ll retire, become the Leafs goalie coach, and we’ll sign someone (or bring Pogge up) to fill his void.

December 30, 2008 4:46 pm

He won’t immediately become the goalie coach as the Leafs already have one of those.

December 30, 2008 7:12 pm

I too think this is Cujo’s last stand. I don’t think the 450 play into it.If he lays an egg,he’s allowed to bow out on his own terms,if he’s average,he finishes the year.Personally I’m hoping he loses 2-1…….but that’s my wish every game,tough love baby! tough love!

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