Cujo’s Last Stand

Richard Griffin, the Star’s baseball guru writes a nice piece on the Leafs game last night and echos many of the same thoughts about the meaning of Cujo’s sudden appointment to starting goalie (at least for 2 games):

“So, eight days later, same opponent, same need to rest Toskala, why not call Pogge up again to face a team that he beat in his debut? Why not repeat a formula that produced a victory just a week ago? The next night, when the Leafs returned home to face the Stars on Dec. 23, the night after Pogge’s debut, with Toskala still feeling groin woes, coach Ron Wilson wouldn’t give Joseph the start. Instead, he sat on the bench for the first seven goals against Toskala before entering in relief.

The Leafs’ philosophy somehow changed in the space of a week. After three straight losses by the frying Finn heading into last night, instead of Pogge, Joseph got the nod. One may be excused for thinking Joseph’s swan song is at hand. If he is indeed going to exit stage right – certainly not a slam-dunk – it should be with the dignity he deserves. The Leafs, if that is the plan, seem to be allowing that to happen.”

Funny some folks think that the Buds don’t have that soft place in their hearts. Remember this, Cujo left the leafs at the alter to head down the 401 to Detroit. His public reasoning at the time was that he wanted to win. The insinuation then was that the Leafs couldn’t win. Many of the those saying MLSE is heartless said Cujo could never come home.

My question is, what role will he play with the Buds if any after his playing days are over?

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December 31, 2008 12:27 pm

I think all the Leafs want is for Cujo to play credibly, win or lose. If he gets blown out on soft goals like he has this season then he can’t be played even if we are rebuilding.

Thank goodness he played well last night. I still like the guy even though your comments about Detroit are more than fair.

In a way the Thrashers are the perfect team to test a goalie against. They are actually capable of some hard offensive rushes, but have such a soft defense that our guys should be able to out score them no matter what.

December 31, 2008 1:11 pm
Reply to  daoust

interesting to see how he plays tomorrow vs. buffalo. According to Dreger, this is all about pushing Vesa, who apparently needs to be pushed to play well

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