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….it’s getting tired already.

By LT It's only 7:00PM and I'm already sick of the Mats going to Vancouver talk....The same questions over and over...Let's just hope after tonight t [...]

Not Going As Planned for Joseph

By LT I’m as big a fan as the next guy….and remember fondly the great playoff games that Joseph delivered during his first tour with the Leafs. But [...]

Could sundin have been a leaf

Can't seem to comment from my bb... Classic. The best part of the sundin story to me is that he still would have come back but burke said no. If bu [...]

Aboard the Carnival Spirit

So the family crashed at 845 all night and we spent most of the day driving down to Miami where we boarded the Carnival Spirit. There was an ad on th [...]

Here in Fla

Been a long day folks.... Got picked up at 445am. Somehow made it to newark where we sat on the runway for 2 hours waiting to get de-iced. I did no [...]
The Sundin Saga Finally Ends- What A Mess Left Behind

The Sundin Saga Finally Ends- What A Mess Left Behind

It's over... Really over. Even John Belushi's Animal House Character John "Bluto" Blutarsky would admit It's over. Really folks, we haven't seen a [...]

question of the day

When an athlete signs on with a new team as a free agent they are always asked the same question " Why did you decide to sign with __________?" Ques [...]
Sorry- This is your daily laugh….

Sorry- This is your daily laugh….

Insert your favorite Boy Who Cried Wolf Analogy or theme here.... I know what the problem is... A source in sweeden told me (TSM5) The conversatio [...]
Laugh for the Day

Laugh for the Day

A little bit of levity....Every wonder what the TV show cops would like here in Canada? [...]

The Waiting Effect on Sundin’s Legacy

Interesting dialogue going on in one of the posts today. Our good pal Nealio spoke out on the issue of the Sundin saga: # Nealio // December 18, 20 [...]

No Sundin News Today!

AM640 is reporting "there will be no decision today from Mats Sundin regarding a possible free-agent signing with either the New York Rangers or Vanco [...]

Mats Sundin Left A Waiting

According to Larry Brooks, Sundin decided to......wait. :) Sorry have to laugh. He wants to be a ranger (according to Brooks), but the have no room t [...]
Mats Sundin Choices Are Clear…

Mats Sundin Choices Are Clear…

This is getting nuts...everyone trying to be first, making announcements on what Sundin has decided. Sportsnet ran a story that it was a done deal th [...]

TSM Uninjured In First Snowblower Experience

I know based on several emails that some of you were concerned for my personal safety as I fired up the snowblower this am. I am happy to report that [...]

Random Thoughts On A Snowy Toronto Sports Night

Some things have been going on that I think need commenting on, call me crazy (lots of folks do) The Toronto Sports Fans apathy to the Raptors is at [...]
Kudos To Jason Blake

Kudos To Jason Blake

I have been as a big an anti-Jason Blake fan as anyone out there (unless has jasonblakesucks.com and I don't know it). In any event, Since his latest [...]

Maple Leaf Reporter On My Mind

So, there I was enjoying my day yesterday when I read a post on Pension Plan Puppets (who if absolutely nothing else get my vote for best blog name!) [...]

Toronto Radio Tonight ~ Revised

On 640: Brian Duff – NHL Network.. Lou Lamoriello, CEO/GM, New Jersey Devils.. Ryan Ellis, Team Canada Defenceman Darren Dreger, TSN On the Fan5 [...]
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