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Ego: The Reason Sean Avery Will Be Back

Go back over the last couple of years in the world of professional sports and ask yourselves this, how many "bad boys" have been written off only to r [...]

Mats Sundin Drama Right On Track

So J.P. Barry has told the world exactly what he wants them to hear: "Sundin's agent yesterday denied a report on Toronto radio station Fan 590 that [...]

Sundin A Ranger? Maybe, But Not Yet.

Sources are abound that the New York Rangers have won the heart of the former maple leafs captain. I am not saying that it isn't going to happen. As [...]

Toronto Radio Tonight

tonight on 640: Terry Doyle – CHL Insider Joe Nieuwendyk Morrison/Dreger Brett Leonhardt – Caps goalie On the Fan- not sure but McCown thinks Sundin [...]

Feel Good Stories In The NHL

We are surrounded by bad news. Don't dare watch the nightly news these days without a handful of Tums. From coast to coast, north to south, and east [...]

Times They Are A Changing With The Maple Leafs

Rarely is a demotion big news with the maple leafs. The two liner about sending Anton Stralman down to the Marlies for most other teams wouldn't mean [...]

Brooks is Freezing; Simmons Aint Buying; Sundin’s Poker Face

A happy Sunday afternoon to all. Anyone else noticing that the city seems to have already started the winter break? People aren't calling back, traf [...]
NHL Talks To A TSM Favorite

NHL Talks To A TSM Favorite

Michael DiLorenzo is the NHL's director of corporate communicatiions. He asked those following him on Twitter to suggest interview topics for the upc [...]

Holiday Gifts Idea For The Hockey Lover

Do you think hockey families are remembering to keep it fun? Check out www.keepitfun.net. Lots of great T's & Caps for everybody on your Holiday [...]

Bye Bye A.J

A.J. Burnett is a New York Yankee...bye bye adios [...]

Great Way To Chat About The Maple Leafs

Thanks to Paul Nicholson, down in nashville we Leaf fans have a cool new tool to chat about our leafs, especially during leaf games, deadline days or [...]
Maple Leafs Sabres Memories Of The Aud

Maple Leafs Sabres Memories Of The Aud

Leafs go into Buffalo tonight and the city of Buffalo prepares for the destruction of the old barn. What are some of your favorite OLD leafs/sabres m [...]

Cito Gaston Following Cliff Fletcher & Ron Wilson

Well, it worked for the Maple Leafs, why not the Blue Jays? I can give you one big fat reason. MONEY and the lack of it. You see when Cliff Fletcher [...]

Dreger Goes Overboard with Melrose Story

Don't shoot the messenger right? Sometimes, though the messenger needs to think about the message he delivers before delivering it. I was intrigued [...]

Cox On Clemmensen A Joke

I started to write a post about just how stupid his article is today, and then realized it wasn't worth the effort. Calling the Buds our for not keep [...]
Blackhawks Reporter Blasts Sundin- TSM Sending Eye A Defibrillator

Blackhawks Reporter Blasts Sundin- TSM Sending Eye A Defibrillator

Me thinks the Big One is coming at chateau Eye. Elizabeth is ready, cause he is a coming! Steve Rosenbloom, a pretty well respected writer who cov [...]

The Value Of Cap Space, The Cost of Trading It

As promised, the first of several stories appeared today about the value of cap space as we edge towards 2010-2011. Damien Cox wrote about it in toda [...]

Toronto Radio Tonight~ Updated

On the Fan: McCown takes calls from 4-5 Rob Becker Daniel Kaplan (Sports Business Journal) and maybe Paul Beeston On 640: Alexei Ponikarovsky, Leafs [...]

Question of the day

Is it time to blow up the Toronto Raptors? I am not suggesting it it, but you have to wonder how much worse it is going to get? The heat is going to [...]

Interesting To Watch Burke Towards 2010/11

If you haven't already read it, get ready, it's going to be everywhere. You will hear that the NHL salary cap will not go down next season, as for th [...]
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