No Conflict In Leaf Land

Seems to be a common theme today that there is this great conflict in leaf land on how to proceed in the second half of the season. To me that is utter BS. There is no conflict. The goal is to build a team that will compete for years, not to sneak into the playoffs (maybe) and roll the dice. We have seen that play a few too many times. Players are nothing more then assets. You accumulate assets when value is low and try to move them when at their highest or until such a time you decide they retire in your uniform. Good teams realize that, so do smart fans.

I love this gem from Berger’s recent blog:

“We have season-ticket holders to consider when making moves with the hockey club,” he recently said. And, there is much prudence in that remark.”

The “He” is Brian Burke. I can assure you they do have to think of those who pay the bills when making moves. Those paying for tickets don’t want to see a quick fix or anything done to jeopardize the future building. I doubt there is a single season ticket holder with a brain in their head who is rooting for the buds to make the playoffs this year, or at least to make moves to ensure they do. I have said this from the time Cliff came on board. Get younger, get cheaper and lose the country club atmosphere. With the expection of the Sens games, lose every game for all I care, but try hard.

Every game I watch (Sens being the exception) I just want them to try hard. I really don’t care about the outcome. I think the season ticket holder (the ones i know for sure) don’t want to pay for 1 round of shitty playoffs year in and year out.

The time is right, the guys you want to move are actually starting to play well. Throw them overboard and load up on picks and young talent. This talk of conflict is garbage. As is this talk about Cliff building a team that would win because of his ego or reputation. The reality is, he took out “cornerstones” of a franchise that were devalued everywhere around the league and built a team that is outperforming teams it has no business outperforming (tampa and ottawa) to name only 2.

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