Burke Talking Turkey With Blue Jackets?

Sounds like things are heating up on the trade front. Rumors are abound with Richie Rich’s former team the Blue Jackets. One of their better beat writers post the following today:

“Toronto: As we’ve stated here previously, the Leafs have two offensive defenseman they’re looking to move — Tomas Kaberle and Pavel Kubina. Of the two, I think the Blue Jackets like Kaberle’s contract and game better than Kubina’s, but they like the fact that Kubina is a right-hand shot. The Leafs would also consider trading center Nik Antropov, who is 6 foot 6, 230 pounds. I can see Ken Hitchcock smiling already. Antropov has blossomed as a decent secondary-scoring type of center. He has already immersed himself in North American culture. He’s a Canadian citizen, if memory serves.

Leafs GM Brian Burke wants to make a move. I mean, he’s been on the job a month already, right? Burke is willing to move players for picks, which makes the Jackets an obvious choice. Burke would have to get Kaberle to waive his no-trade clause. Last year, he wouldn’t waive his no-trade clause to facilitate a trade to Philly. The Flyers had agreed to an offer of Jeff Carter and No. 1 pick for Kaberle. (The Flyers should sent Kaberle a Mercedes for saving them that horrible trade, eh?)

I spoke to a person tonight who covers the Leafs, an old friend and really good guy with tons of Toronto sources. He threw lines in the water and said Antropov makes sense. He has heard, however, that the Blue Jackets and Maple Leafs keep going back and forth, that “the Blue Jackets don’t want to give up anything.”

OK sports fans, let the speculation begin, besides draft picks, which prospects on the CBJ do we want and for whom?

You can read the rest of the article here…. and which Toronto person do you think he is referring to? I say it’s Richie Rich himself!

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