Howard Berger On NBC


This is awesome. No, really awesome.

““I’m not involved in the change process” Ron Wilson Maple Leafs Head Coach….

Right there, doesn’t that tell you that, well he wouldn’t be the best guy to talk to about current trade talks????

Some disagree, and decide to write a blog post about……nothing

“He’s like any general manager, he’s on the phone every day. It’s just not the Maple Leafs; there are a lot of teams in the same position as us that haven’t made a move. It’s very tight right now; a lot of teams are close to the cap — the ones that you think would want to make a difference in their line-up — and nothing is going to happen for awhile. That’s pretty much the feeling I have.”


Jonas, the bar is set soooooooo low, PLEASE rise above. Tonight in the post game conference, step up, don’t ask the stupid quesiton. Think, use your head, hell ask someone in the pressbox what would be a really good question to ask Ron Wilson.

howie’s NBC post is here

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