More On Brad May

Had a quick chance to get with a member of the Duck entourage this afternoon. I, of course asked how Brad May has been so far this season, to which I was told:

“Very good when healthy and in the line-up. Played quite well in a four man rotation on fourth line that included Ryan Carter, Brian Sutherby, George Parros and himself. Hurt his knee in November and missed 6 games, tweaked it again in December in a practice and in a game and couldn’t get back in the line-up after that.”

Of course I can’t wait to hear those complain about dealing another pick…..Quick someone get us a list of guys picked in the 6th round who have made it as an NHLer…..

Sounds like they picked up a big body with a presence to replace those who were supposed to do that..At least I hope it means that those who were supposed to do that are going to be gone soon.

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