Hear your Burke, Raise you a Colangelo

I am sure it will be on the website later, but Brady and Wilbur just completed a very good interview with Raptors President and GM Bryan Colangelo.

Here is a sloppy account. I will say these 2 things: 1. Wilbur just conducted the best interview he has ever given in any sport. He didn’t try to be cool using innuendo that would suggest he is an insider etc. 2. Hats off to Brady for asking him about Toronto as a basketball market from a media perspective and fan perspective.

Q. Things seem better Bryan
A. 09 is already better then 08. We are getting production from players who weren’t having great seasons. Jay is a doing a good job. Injuries hurting, but we have some guys doing really well. Others have taken advantage of the opportunity they have been presented. Little success is a positive step.

Q. I am concerned about the rumors about trading Andrea Bargnani.
A. You know, I never heard of either the writer or the site Hoopsworld. I Called writer of Hoopsworld, sought him out, and asked why he didn’t take a minute to call me, he apologized, said he had a very solid source behind it another G. .it is unfortunate, lots of false speculation – No trade conversations, lots of teams have asked about him, we have a lot of confidence in what he can bring and worthy of where he was drafted. not shopping him and not on the market.

Q Is this just a matter of it taking Andrea longer to develop?
A. Big’s takes longer to develop. He is a high post 5. The game is developing and coming along. He is only 22, he has tremendous upside. Moving in the right direction. Maybe we have moved him around too often. He has produced when he is on for 30-35 minutes a game regardless of what position he plays. Only his third season and he is only 22.

Q. you keep saying there is a new message from Jay Triano. What is that message?
A. Different defensively, new focus on d and how we play d. Trying to be more intense, we did a lot of standing around watching, no one doing the little things, chasing the loose balls. We are focused on the little things now. Offense taking care of itself. Too bad we lost in Milwaukee we would have been undefeated in 09 and on a 4 game winning streak. We feel we have the horses until a trade to improve us presents itself.

Q. How do you read this as a bball town. TSN2, not a ton of coverage- how do you read it:
Every practice we go through is equivalent to a playoff game in Phoenix, a ton of coverage. Lots of passion of fans and media. I don’t worry about them being fair. for the most part we get good solid coverage, great passion and great expectations here. Interesting to see how much coverage we get in a hockey town

Q as a Canadian I was astounded when you name Jay Triano as Coach. Why Jay Triano?
A- He is a great guy. He has earned it I have a good feel for Jay. He knows the game and he is good for our team.

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