In Response To Happy Howie

7 emails were awaiting me when I got home tonight asking for my take on Howie’s last blog. Here is my take and in return my response…. Whomever Thomas is, who replied on the fan site to the blog is my new hero:


No truer words could be said about the author….

For those who can’t see the image:

“For the longest time i couldnt understand whyeveryone i talk to thinks your an idiot now i know thanks”

With apologies to a certain grammar fanatic who reads this site, I think you get the gist.

Here is what i don’t get about Howie. What is the point in writing this article. What is he trying to accomplish. The first motive I guess is monetary. He writes dumb shit that infuriates people, the more they comment and or click on his stories the more money he makes. In that instance we are idiots and not sheep. Put me at the top of the idiot list. It is like the accident on the highway we all slow down to watch. I am not willing to think Berger is that smart though. Hence my confusion. I know Mike S disagrees, but I am telling you Howie grew up listening to foster Hewit call the blue and white. He is a leaf fan. It’s why he took the job. Despite his admission to not watching much of the game away from the rink, he is in essence a rink rat. He spends more time at rinks then zamboni drivers. He travels with the team, sits on planes, he is part of the entourage and has been for years. On deadline days and thinks like it he sits for hours and waits..doing nothing. He does it for a pay check for sure but also because he loves the leafs. He would find no greater joy then to be in the locker-room while champagne was being poured over his head from the cup interviewing a player.

What purpose does his attack on those who butter his bread serve? Suppose there were total apathy, and fans stopped caring about the leafs. Guess who would be out of a job? I am not suggesting this is going to happen, but why even go there. Leaf fan is in a now win situation here. If those at the game didn’t boo, well then we are a soft crowd. If we do boo, how dare we boo? If half the fans cheer when they show a video and another half boos when the featured player touches the puck we are schizo…How does it end?

I loved his clip the other day….” The Fan590 was waiting at the door to great Bryan McCabe when he entered the ACC for the first time as an opposition” Ooooooooooo, he got the first reaction…What a scoop. Did he sneak away from the pack? Did someone tip him off to where McCabe was coming in? Did he camp out there all night?? Gimme a break!

The realty is…who flippin cares. Berger should thank his luck stars his team is supported as well as it is. People care enough to listen, watch, live and breathe what goes on around this hockey team. That is a bad thing to a “journalist” covering the team how????? Go to Florida, or Tampa or Atlanta or any of the cities where newspapers aren’t covering the NHL then and see how much you wish you could write about fans who act as sheep… You got it good here Howie. Keeping bitch slapping those who feed your kids and the tide will turn. You are probably one more Avery incident from being Rob Parkered.

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