One For The Files From Simmons

I am in grumpy mood today for some reason…. First these two idiots who work in my building insisted on pushing the elevator up button after seeing it was full and then laughed there way on it. These two “lovely” (think Owen’s mama in Throw Momma From the Train) had 2 giant starbucks drinks in their paws. Know this, the Starbuck’s closest to my office is usually slower then Brad Marsh on a break out. So if these two had time to wait at starbucks they clearly could have waited for the next [email protected]!#[email protected] elevator! Then, to top it off, I am getting inundated with freind requests on facebook from people I have no clue who they are. This is on my personal account, and face it I am just not popular enough to garner any attention. If you want to be my friend for some reason…tell me why or at the very least who the F#@$#@ you are!

Ok…. So, little TSM get’s the Sun delivered every am to follow up on the Logos in the sports section. The sun does a great job at showing team logo’s for results and he likes that… So I get an early glimpse at that one daily before the others. Not sure if you caught this gem from Simmons on why he thinks Burke’s job is going to be especially challenging (I wonder if he will remember that when he carves him):

“Another truth: If you actually study how bad teams become good teams in the NHL, you quickly realize how few draft picks actually make a difference. The Flyers have only one player on their team from their past five drafts. The Capitals have four, but three are stars in Ovechkin, defenceman Mike Green and centre Nicklas Backstrom. The Bruins use only one first-round starter from the past six drafts.”

Fascinating. So the Leafs are screwed because they don’t have the picks, (which few stellar teams apparently use anyway) and because they don’t have the building blocks. The one team not mentioned in any of Simmons’s theories is of course Detroit. Why would he mention them anyway? What have they done?

Coming up later today, the worst article written in 2009….

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