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Nice when conflict hits the NHL and it isn’t in our town, involving our player or our teams…..

Things are ugly in Denver and Columbus as they relate to the exit from Columbus of one Adam Foote.

“Reports out of Columbus have said Foote not only threatened to be a bad teammate and not have his heart in it if he stayed with the Blue Jackets, but he had a plane set up to take him to his reunion with the Avalanche, even before the deadline deal was consummated.”

I don’t remember this whole thing happening but I always thought he was a good guy.

The reason this is the article of the day?

“Those who made charges about Foote while insisting on anonymity are gutless. This isn’t “a State Department official,” with tacit approval from above, discussing Mideast policy with the media. Neither is this something as benign as “sources” disclosing that the Jackets are set to hire John Doe as an assistant coach; this is “sources” making reputation-damaging allegations.
Granted, hockey journalism often doesn’t set the bar high for “sourcing.” A “source” can be not just a league or team official, but also an assistant trainer’s brother-in-law’s barber . . . or a dart board. I’m not saying it’s that bad in the Foote imbroglio, but the use of unnamed sources, likely with axes grinding, for much of the material undercuts the credibility”

Ahhhh yes, the age old debate on whether sources should be revealed or not. Very interesting that Terry Fei, a respected journalist is calling for soucres to be revealed…

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