Quotes of the day ….So Far…

Both from loyal readers on in an email to me…the other as a comment on the site:

“Norm Rumack? C’mon you couldn’t have taken a shot at Rumack? I have a rusty ballpeen hammer that is smarter than him. ”

That is a classic. Funniest thing about Norm is that he is the biggest hammerhead out there. He is harmless though….

“u NEED to find a way to see Hockeycentral on Sportsnet and see what Berger is wearing..

Nerdier than I even thought before…Some kind of ottawa rough riders throwback jersey or something…it was awful. A plea for attention given he was on tv. ”

I am surprised he wasn’t wearing the creamsicle orange Flyer’s jersey he loves so much. As a dolphins fan it kills me when he wears the jacket or hat…

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