Changes Between Print & Net

Hmmmmmmm, I was going to start this post by asking the following question:

What, please tell me does any of this mean, because I don’t get any of the jokes…:

” There has been a renewed talk of a remake of the classic TV sitcom Gilligan’s Island as a feature length movie. Here are potential candidates for the roles:
Skipper- Pat Quinn
Gilligan – J.P. Ricciardi
Professor- Brian Burke
Mr. Howell- Cliff Fletcher
Mrs. Howell- Tomas Kaberle
Mrs. Howell understudy- Lovie Smith
Ginger- Ana Ivanovic
Mary Ann- Vince Carter
Wrong Way Feldman: Mats Sundin”

Huh, I thought as I read the story in the Toronto Sun this am. What the hell does Gary Lowen smoke before writing his columns? The guy really loves Steve Simmon’s. For some reason though, his suggestion that if Urban Meyer were to marry Keith Urban the result would be Urban Urban is so un-funny. How bad is this stuff?? It’s so bad that a good chunk of it is already gone from the Sun website. When I went to copy the brutal Gilligan bit from the sun’s website, I found it gone. Replaced with much better material:

“Finally, after 15 years, the Baseball Hall of Fame results are in and we don’t have a steamed Rice.”

I can’t make this stuff up….
I repeat, isn’t there one person out there somewhere who can write better then this??? Seriously, the folks at the SUN should be embarassed.

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