Radnom Thoughts – Leafs/Preds

1. Will someone please get Mcgill to shave. He looks like a complete moron. Or buy some grecian formula the skunk on your face is pathetic!
2. Can Leafstv not find a more monotone guy then Marco Moro??? One word, DULL
3. Millen was right, worst home game of the season
4. Great on Steve Sullivan for playing again
5. Over 26 minutes for Ian (porn star) White…WOW- what a turn-around for this guy
6. Boys playing right down to Wilson’s assessment. Grapes must be smiling
7. Interesting to note how many times they said on tv how dead it was between the benches
8. Little TSM asked me why the guys in the grey shirts were skating around the maple leafs
9. What at a difference a couple of weeks make, almost back in the JT derby
10. Wow what was Ron Wilson doing after game.. Not even a smile when the fire alarm was going off….

Oh well, another loss, keep em coming!

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