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I was listening to Ron Wilson on with Watters (whom we know refer to as Pad Thai) and Brady last night and Wilson and Pad got to talking about Don Cherry. They were alluding to a feud between Wilson and Cherry. I had no clue what they were talking about. I looked around the net a bit and didn’t see much of anything. Today the folks at Kuklas Korner put 2 and 2 together for me, it’s a feud that apparently started since Wilson was hired. I thought I would add to it a bit.

Wilson, has to be on the verge of rubbing some of the players the wrong way. I thought about it last night when he was on with Pad and Brady, but Wilson’s constant shots at his guys is going to wear thin sooner rather then later. I know the truth hurts, but still he has to get guys to play for him:

“”I know where our talent level is, and when you’re not blessed with a lot of talent there will be inconsistencies,” Wilson said” This from the Globe and Mail

It is not the first time he has made comments like this. I am just starting to wonder when the act will run it’s course? I asked a couple of guys last night this question, and I am curious what everyone thinks. Who’s act wears out first in Toronto, Burke or Wilson? I am not asking who gets fired first. Both guys have strong personalities. Both tell it like it is. One is a GM the other a coach. I just have the sense that at some point the press and the fans are going to tire of their public persona, their shtick. Who do you think goes first?

Over to Mr Personality. Grapes was on with Richie Maclean and Jack Armstrong earlier today and Cherry gave it to Wilson yet again in response to the quote below:

In a voice trying to imitate Wilson ” oh, well look at me, what a great job I am doing with this garbage, almost a .500 team…..have you ever heard a guy talking about his players the way he does? Richie said he was surprised about him doing it in the media- pretty soon these guys are going to say well you’ve convinced us. Been in this game 50 years, never seen this before. I am a players coach, when I am asked about him, I have no problem answering that I have no use for a guy who runs his players down to show how good a coach he is, and i think it’s garbage… I don’t care whether they like it or not.

It’s worth listening to!

Listen to Cherry Grapes on the Fan…. it gets good around the 14 minute mark

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