Vinny Should Say No To Montreal?

Michael Farber has another great article today. This time (anyone surprised) the topic is Vincent Lecavalier. Farber understands why the Bolts want to deal him ($$$$$$$$$$$$$$) and why the Habs both want him and should try to trade for him (A Cup) but, he thinks Vinny should balk (not that he really has any say to be honest). The reason should raise some eyebrows:

“The passion for the team, and the attention lavished on the players, has spilled over the boundaries of all common sense. You would be walking into smack into this merry maelstrom. A fishbowl existence would await. (They do have fishbowls in zoos, don’t they?)
You don’t need this. You have your Stanley Cup. You have your life in Tampa. You have your community, which has benefited from the money you have donated to a children’s hospital. And you don’t have the need to come “home” because, even though most people don’t know this about you, you are a worldly guy with an open spirit (as they say in French). You even enjoyed playing in Kazan of the Russian Superleague during the lockout, although some of the charter flights on those Yak 42s were a little dicey.”

Hmmmm. This really causes a pause. One part of me wants to scream sacrilege! As a player in any sport, shouldn’t any player dream of playing in a town where the coverage has “spilled over the boundaries of all common sense”? I mean, isn’t that we expect of professional athletes. How many times have we said “________________ wants to play in ______________ because he is from there”? In baseball, players say they dream of playing for the Yankees, Red Sox or __________________ all the time. Hell, AJ Burnett, this past off-season said he would love to play in a baseball crazy city like Chicago and play for the Cubs. Where did he sign? With the Yankees. I haven’t even mentioned the financial implications of heading to Montreal. I don’t know what his endorsements are like in Tampa (if any) but i would be willing they would increase in Canada, especially in Montreal. Can you imagine his value in Montreal??? That is not to suggest that this should be a motivating factor. I am willing to bet that his agent has a pretty good idea though.

Bryan McCabe, who’s life had to be pretty hellish here last year said that the one thing he misses is a full building to play in front of every night. That was even true when he got booed. So in Florida he can go to the mall, the beach, the movies and be left alone. It is nice. It sounds to me that most guys would prefer to get bugged and play in a hotbed then the opposite. Maybe that isn’t Vinny. One former Maple Leaf I know, loved playing the game, within some limits. It was a job. When he left the rink he didn’t do anything related to the game. He didn’t follow any developments in the off-season etc. He showed up for practices, games and events. He was an employee. Today he scouts. Again, a job. So I guess it all depends on what motivates the individual. I would be really surprised if Vinny wasn’t more like McCabe and the majority of guys. You want to play in a city where people eat, sleep and dream about the team and the sport.

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