Question of the Day- So Far

Ernie Pantusso
Ernie Pantusso

I heard that a couple of players have signed on with the Argos for next season. As you know, I am not a CFLer, and I don’t really follow the Argos but, sports is sports. The Argos still don’t have a coach. Despite several months of trying to find one, they remain coachless. This begs the question, if you are a player, why would you sign here? If you are professional player would you sign with a team that doesn’t have a coach? Yes I know eventually they will have a coach, but isn’t it kind of important?

Cheers, my second favorite TV show of all time, had the Coach with the best lines…..

“Why do they call you coach?”
“Cause I never flew first class”

I miss Ernie Pantuso “Coach”

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