Al-Strachan Needs Help

Another useless article by Big Al. You don’t even have to read it to predict what is in it. Lets see, those who predicted attacking the league for a cap, you are correct. I mean the guy is sooooo smart he writes for who again? Oh yeah, no one. He is picked up by fox sports. The CBC is so desperate they continue to put him on the hotstove. One has to wonder what he pays the CBC to appear. His most recent article is yet another in the long series of the CAP is bad for fans…yadda yadda yadda. We know, AL move along…

Why raise it? Well Al speculates that the Cap will drop down to 45m in 2010-2011. He then tries to explain which teams are going to be in deep trouble for fact that they have too much money tied up in too few players;

“To the right is a list of some of the teams in precarious positions. The figures represent the amount of money, to the nearest million, that is already committed. The player number shows how many players are under contract for that year. Each team needs to have at least 23 players on its roster.”

Only one problem…the chart only contains 2 columns, the Team and the amount of money committed.

Missing Info?
Missing Info?

So when Al says : “A team like the Rangers, therefore, will have about $9 million at its disposal to pay 16 players. Similarly, Philadelphia will have $3 million to pay 13 players.” It isn’t backed by ummmmm anything. At least he tried to do some homework.

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