Cox Should Read The Post

“It was a night for even optimistic Maple Leafs fans to feel despondent, a night when it seemed abundantly clear just how their favourite club has fallen. The Leafs were so non-competitive and so unexciting in a 2-0 loss to Nashville on Tuesday night that it seemed after the game as if the entire city’s shoulders sagged with hopelessness.”

Where do these guys take the pulse of the city? So a couple of people booed. Who cares? This isn’t a bad thing. Remember Damien, we are supposed to lose. Everyone, including yourself told us so. Hell you even ripped Cliff for not putting us in a good/bad enough position. Now that the team is playing down to expectations you think we are depressed?? Hell no!

“”I understand the frustration of our fans,” the Leafs’ president and general manager said yesterday. “We weren’t good enough in our last two home games, not by a mile.”

Brian….Listen carefully. Stay the course. All we want in an honest effort. This team played way worse with much more last year and the year before that. We, leaf nation are fine. Keep on Keeping on.

“Burke, set to move into his new Toronto house in the next two weeks, caught only the third period of the Nashville loss, having spent most of the evening in Boston carefully watching defenceman Matt Gilroy of the Boston University Terriers, probably the most sought-after U.S. college free agent available this spring. If fans wonder what exactly Burke is doing these days, there’s your answer. Looking for players.”

Good! That is where he should be. It’s [email protected]#@!# cold here Brian, stay away.

“Along with Tyler Bozak of Denver University and Notre Dame centre Christian Hanson, son of Dave Hanson of the famed Hanson Brothers from the movie Slap Shot, the 24-year-old Gilroy might be ready to step right into an NHL lineup this spring.”

I am sure some loyal TSM readers can enlighten the rest of us with some reviews of these guys….If they are young and cheap, bring them on.

“”The way we’ve drafted, we’ve got to try and sign as many college free agents as we can,” Burke said. “The idea is, sign five and hope two make it.”

Perfect, I like the approach. I am a huge fan of signing US college players. One, they tend to be smart having earned at least some part of a college education. Second the cream rises the top. The good undrafted college players will stick out. Let’s hope the fact that they have a new administration in town coupled with the opportunity to play in the NHL immediately will be enough of a lure.

“Significant trades do not exist in the NHL until much closer to the trade deadline,” Burke said.

“We have to wait for the market to work in our favour.”

We have been waiting for years Brian…what’s a couple of weeks????

“Demand for experienced help won’t noticeably increase until February, however, so right now there’s not much Burke can do except wait and scout. That won’t provide much solace to Toronto fans, some of whom are already growing restless, perhaps expecting Burke’s thunderous arrival in late November to have paid more obvious dividends by now. But this franchise is in too big a hole and the NHL is now a league in which major transactions appear only rarely. Burke wishes he had a different message to send to Leafs fans, a stronger message of hope. But he doesn’t. Not yet.”

That is great he is out scouting. Many GM’s rely too much on their scouts. In this case Burke’s scouts aren’t his own. He inherited them. The only reason any fan is unhappy about the lack of progress on the trade front would be that the local press told everyone to prepare for the quick big move. No of us expected it. We are fine with the status quot. Prefer a good effort and a loss. In the end, a loss is a loss and right now we’ll take it.

One last thing. Hogan seemed to think this am that because we are ok with loosing that the interest in the leafs is at an all time low. I just don’t get it anymore. When leafs fans are rabidly stupid- we get bashed (collectively that is). When we buy in to we are going to win, we are idiots. When we buy into tearing it down we are no longer rabid???? I don’t get it. I just don’t get it. This isn’t that complicated. Bruce, please help your brothers and sisters in the press out!

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January 15, 2009 12:42 pm

Signing college players….sounds like MoneyBall….

Not a bad strategy to bootstrap yourself up inexpensively, get a good core and some decent assets to trade up in the draft and or to package together for the right player when the time is right.

Dominic Moore is a good example.

Buys time while your draft picks mature.

All for it

January 15, 2009 1:06 pm
Reply to  Mike S

I have always been a big fan of drafting kids who elect to go to college. They get good experience and don’t cost you a penny.

Pension Plan Puppets
January 15, 2009 1:14 pm

Burke has had some big success signing kids out of the NCAA (Kunitz, McDonald) so I like to see him pursuing that avenue actively.

As for not having made a big splash, fans don’t want to see him make a trade for making a trade’s sake. Only the idiot scribes that need a new story do.

January 15, 2009 1:20 pm
Reply to  slewis

I agree on both fronts. What is it with these guys this time of year. Only a few weeks ago they were laughing that Cliff did too good a job. Me think they don’t know their audiences AT ALL

The Meatriarchy
January 15, 2009 2:52 pm

Some of the comments on Damien’s column were beyond stupid. One jackass even made a comment about there being more to life than hockey – I was tempted to refer him to Howie’s ramblings.

The Boston U kid is apparently a Hobie Baker nominee or something and draws rave reviews. Apparently 23 teams are chasing him. Thing is the Leafs do have some cap space so there’s that.

Hogan will jump at any opportunity to bash the Leafs as will his co-dependent Toth.

And once again it’s LOSE not LOOSE!!!!

January 15, 2009 5:04 pm

lol. It is lose not loose.

BUT. I do like that Burke is doing the scouting himself. He didn’t say he wasn’t going to make moves.. in fact I think that he said that he IS going to make them, just closer to the deadline. If you’re a Leaf fan.. like you alluded to.. we are ready to be patient and buy into the long-term plan. Obviously there is no other choice but to stockpile draft picks and prospects. I believe in this approach, but it is definitely going to take a good 3-5 years to come to fruition.

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