Interview Of The Early Day

If you only listen to one interview today, check out Atlanta Thrashers Coach and former Maple Leaf John Anderson on Hockey Central at noon. Anderson was on with Darren Millard and Nick (Yom) Kypreos. Anderson provided unique insight that you don’t always get from a professional coach including how he has dealt with his new captain Ilya Kovalchuk. I loved the part where he told the guys that he has to spend more time with Ilya then Ilya’s linemates and that he tells Ilya that despite the fact that Anderson may not be his coach, everything Anderson is teaching him any other coach regardless of team will teach him.

Anderson sounds like he is a great guy. It is too bad that he landed with a team that seems anchored to the basement. I hope he isn’t blamed or if he his that he gets another shot.
Listen to the segment hereJohn Anderson on the Fan 590

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