Cox on Killer; Burke on Belak

It doesn’t a whole lot, so when Damien writes nice things about someone it’s newsworthy.

In today’s star Damien has a feel good piece about Doug Gilmour, the former Maple Leaf captain. Someone correct me if i am wrong, but when was the last time a captain retired a maple leaf (even if he wasn’t captain when he retired). Gilmour is having a tough time with his new coaching gig in Kingston, his record is 4-22 since taking over. With a record like that, perhaps Brian should give Ron a sabbatical and let Doug take over for the rest of the year! Meanwhile, it is good to see Doug is earning a buck, learning a trade. Granted the one big take away from Cox’s article is that Doug has a lot of ex-wives and kids from each:

“He now lives most of the time at his lakeside cottage in Kingston, five doors down from where he grew up. He shares the house with his fiancée, Sonja, and the couple’s 3-month-old daughter, Victoria.”

ok- so that is 1 fiance and 1 daughter

“With sons Jake and Tyson living with Amy in Toronto, he treks back and forth along the 401 every weekend, leaving Sunday afternoons after Kingston home games and heading back on Tuesday mornings.”

Ok so, Amy is wife #2 and Jake and Tyson are kids two and three….

“His daughter from his first marriage, Madison, lives in Grand Rapids, Mich., with her partner, Detroit Red Wings prospect Evan McGrath.”

Ok, so this would be a reference to wife #1 and his fourth child….

In any event, Killer remains a HUGE fan favorite, who can forget the goal he scored against the St. Louis blues from behind the net against one Curtis Joseph!

It’s nice to see that Doug is looking forward to the upcoming ceremony at the ACC, he bought tickets for all his players too:

“”It’s probably the biggest thing to happen to me, even though winning the Stanley Cup was important,” he said.

“I almost want to videotape it myself.”

He was, of course, an unforgettable hockey hero in Toronto who defied the limitations of his size to nearly lift the team to a Cup on the basis of his indomitable will.

He’ll be honored in a city that wonders when the likes of him will be seen here again.

On that same subject, Greg Brady talked to Brian Burke about the buds honoring Wade Belak the other night. Burke held firm, he fully supported this and by the sounds of it, we can expect more of the same down the road. Maybe Damien was right, get ready for Alex Steen and Carlo tributes the next time they are in town. Good interview, worth listening to:
you have to click on Brian Burke interview

You can read Cox here

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