Is Cliff Fletcher The Next Maple Leaf To Go?

Damien was on the Fan this am (sorry the audio isn’t up on their site), you may be able to hear a clip on an update. He was saying that the Cliff appearances seem to be on the rise lately. You have seen him quoted, his face on TV etc more in the last couple of weeks then in the past then over the last couple of months since Burke took over. Damien said that Burke wouldn’t let this (Fletcher’s presence in the media) continue, he actually guaranteed it. The implied story is that this is Burke’s team and Burke won’t allow Cliff to be the face of it. This should be interesting to watch simply because Cliff’s coziness is allegedly what lead to his departure from Tampa Bay. Of course we have to be mindful of Damien’s anti Cliff bias which has been most apparent lately.

Stay tuned…

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