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A lovely Monday am to all. I have a big smile on my face this. I am not happy that Al Coates lost his job. That is never fun for anyone. I have no clue what he was doing with the Leafs, so I have no clue what this means for the team. I am happy because it is further evidence of how lazy and out in Geroge Bell (left field) some of our local media members are.

“2008-06-16 13:10:00

TORONTO – The Toronto Maple Leafs hired Al Coates as their player-personnel director Monday.

The move will serve to further fuel speculation that Anaheim Mighty Ducks general manager Brian Burke will become the Leafs’ GM once his deal with the Ducks expires next summer. Coates comes to Toronto after spending the previous six seasons with Anaheim.”

So Coates=Burke eh???


The majority of the scribes would have let us believe that Coates=Burke. The reality is this type of investigation is akin to the work of one of my favorite investigators

The reality, from what I am told is that Burke, through fourth parties tried to send smoke signals this way, not to hire Coates and that Cliff decided to hire his old friend anyway. Now if I can get my hands on inuendo like that…imagine what a beat writer could do??? A few members of the media said that this was Cliff doing a favor to an old buddy of his…

More on this subject in a post later

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January 19, 2009 11:26 am

ooops….media missed this one. With no disrespect to Cliff or Coates…Coates was likely not the only patronage position handed out by the Silver Fox…Cujo? (and no disrespect to Cujo either).

The firing of Coates raises another question for me….What are the roles and responsibilities for the members of Burke’s team? Jeff Jackson is apparently the cap guy but…It would be interesting to understand everyones roles and responsibilities….and, we know Jackson, Nieuwendyk and Nonis…who else is there?

January 19, 2009 3:42 pm

Buffery of The Sun said:

“the writing was on the wall for his departure with the hiring of Burke in November ”

go figure

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