Mid-Day Ramblings

Hi folks, I have a wicked cold and all the peeps viewing Obamamania this am slowing down the internets didn’t make me feel any better.

Here are some random mid-day thoughts:

1. Someone explain what the hell Lowen is talking about:

“For fans of the television series Lost, it returns on Wednesday with a brand new season.

For fans of the Maple Leafs and Raptors, they will all be reruns.”

HUH??? What the hell does that mean. Is he trying to say that MLSE is lost? Talk about a broken analogy….

2. Bruce Arthur’s article in Today’s national post is as good as I have seen on the Raptors. Consider these:

“Jose Calderon is close to coming back, and Marion would give this roster balance that it hasn’t had since general manager Bryan Colangelo assumed control nearly three years ago. A real small forward: imagine that.”
“No, the chief value of Marion’s theoretical arrival is that he would allow this team to embark on its latest repair job one season sooner — that is, one season before Chris Bosh opts out of his contract and is presented with the option to become a Detroit Piston, to become a New York Knick or to win several championships with LeBron James, in Cleveland or elsewhere.”
“For this franchise’s franchise player to remain, the Raptors will have to have made giant strides from their current state. And that means fielding a team that does not include the rather ridiculous sight of Jamario Moon hoisting up an entirely unnecessary three-pointer with 16 seconds left on the shot clock, and 35 seconds left in a one-point game, as he did yesterday.”

WOW- in depth analysis what a novel concept???

3. Interested in looking for the perfect hot dog down near the ACC??? These guys did a nice job!

4. I see the Toronto Rock fired their coaching staff, just 3 games in to the season. Did the head guy lie about being in Vietnam too? In any event, Mike S tells me that the lineup for Brady and Watters looks something like this:

4-5 the old rock coaching staff
5-6 the new rock coaching staff
6-7 great moments in rock history

5. Thanks to the folks aat Kuklas Korner for highlighting the greatest in arena promotion I have ever heard of (even better then my old favorite, the move of the game), If the blackhawks ever score a goal at exactly 10:00 of the second period one fan is awarded $1,000,000 by the Illinois lottery. Happened at a game last night. How cool is that?

more later this afternoon….

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