A Great Read- Radio Wars….

Love him or not (Mike S) Brady’s blog this am is a must read. If you are a fan of the sports media business, and if you are hear you must be to a certain extent then you will really enjoy Brady’s blog this am. The post is about the closing of his former station and he offers up insight and opinions you don’t usually see stuff like this written. Here is my favorite part:

“But I was at WDFN in Detroit for nine years. I arrived when I was 27, left when I was 36, and now that I’m 37, the station doesn’t exist anymore. Yesterday (Tuesday, January 20th), the powers that be blew it up. All local programming is gone except the odd sports update, and Detroit Pistons basketball until the end of the NBA season. The station went on the air in 1994, when there was still lots of doubt as to whether the format itself could succeed and make a dent in what was then the sixth biggest radio market in the United States. When I arrived in 1998, it was the ninth biggest. In fact, the Fan 590 in Toronto, whom we try daily to match in terms of their accomplishments, their efforts, on the air and behind the scenes when we do Leafs Lunch and the Bill Watters Show were really just finding their legs in the early and mid-90s, and now they’re the guys to catch. They’re a powerhouse, and as I’ve written before, plain and simple, Bob McCown is the biggest reason why. He’s been the best in the business as what he does, and the fact that some folks have considered coming over and listening to us once in a while instead of his show, is flattering and encouraging. We spend a lot of time at AM640 thinking of how to match PrimeTime Sports and where we can poke holes in what is a monster. Everything that show and that station has right now it’s earned, because you know there were a lot of people in Toronto who said they couldn’t succeed for as long as they have and they did.”

There is more and well worth your time….check it out here

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