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With the escrow payments ballooning and the players losing (not loosing) all of the money being withheld, and the league suspending players for not being in Montreal Larry Brooks should be in rare form tomorrow. The anti-Bettman column could reach new pinnacles. In the interim, David Shoalts has an excellent column on the questions The Count should be expecting when he meets his bosses in Montreal this am. Here are a few good ones:

“Will you ever be prepared to admit your plan to spread hockey into non-traditional markets is not working?

Aren’t you already telling people you will sell them the Coyotes for nothing as long as they assume the liabilities? So why not admit the inevitable and put the Coyotes into bankruptcy protection so you can break the arena lease and sell them for real money?

Besides, don’t you think resistance to Jim Balsillie and the possibility of two franchises in Toronto is shrinking?

Will single-game playoff ticket sales this spring be the first measure of the drop in revenues next season?”

Oh to be a mole in the room today….

Read Shoalts here

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