Pogge Up- Down The Stretch They Come

So we are going to see the start of the professional evaluation of one Justin Pogge.  It’s a good thing too.  At least when he is in net the pundits are going to have lots to write about.  One shot, he’s good the next- he’s a bum.  Burke and Wilson need to know what they have sooner rather then later and well sooner starts now.  If Pogge can’t play in the NHL we had better know now as the planning is well under way.  As one scout told me after the last game, Burke isn’t done his evaluations yet, when he is the dominoes will start to fall.  One evaluation that is obvious is that of Justin Pogge.


Sorry for the NFL thought, but I am curious, US newspapers are ceasing to cover the NHL in droves, yet our news outlets are all already down in Tampa for the superbowl.  Seems odd to me, does it to anyone else?


Doug Gilmour is a favorite.  Someone, anyone please explain to me why he told Damien he was paying for his current players to attend the event honoring the former captain this Saturday night while Steve Simmons’s story is that a penguins player is the one who actually paid for the tickets?  No really, why would Gilmour lie about something so small, he looks like and would be a liar if this is true.


Suspended not suspended, injured, not injured WHO CARES…enough already.  Why was this the only thing being talked about today?  There has to be something better to talk about then this.


I will say it again, there is no better player in the game today then Alexander Ovechkin.  He is the only player in the league I would pay to see, night in and night out.  He is strong, he is tough, he is animated, he is talented, he is the guy the NHL needs to start selling as the face of the league.


Have all the good rumor sources dried up?  Garrioch had the Leafs looking at Pronger, Hanky gave the Jay Bo to the buds his highest rating before a deal being done.  Where are all the good scoops?


The Avs are coming up this week.  Tucker and Red light Raycroft doing battle against their former teammates (or what is left of them).  It will be very interesting to hear the interviews with Tucker this week and then to see his sideshow Bob antics take shape against his former club.


Ok sports fans, who pulls the trigger first, Burke or Colangelo?  Which player gets dealt first, a Leaf or Jermaine O’Neal?

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