Melnyk Has Lost His Marbles!

Thank god they aren’t my team is all I can say.  Get a load of this crap:

“Anybody that says we should blow up this organization should get their own bomb and go blow themselves up,” Melnyk said at a press conference on Wednesday. “This is not an organization that is completely crippled. It needs fine tuning, it needs some tweaking, it needs a player here, a player there, a few good bounces and that’s it. But we are nowhere near that type of environment.”


“This has not been the season we had all hoped to have,” Melnyk stated. “We had great high expectations but it’s not over ’til it’s over.”

Um, Gene, It’s over.  Consider since going 13-1 to open the season last year your team is 46-67 OUCH!  But no, don’t blow it up, keep on keeping on.

I know, our Maple Leafs, well we admitted we sucked, we admitted we needed the bomb and it was thrown in.  More is to come.  Man, I feel sorry  for the Senators fans (not really, but you know what I mean)

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